Bitches the younger ones.




Guldruschen's Taste of Class

Serendipity Never Gonna Give You Up

  Nothing To Declare No Hills

Serendipity If You Can Dream It You Can Do It

Guldruschen's Blue Temptation

Guldruschen's Quickstep

Guldruschen's Knock your socks off


The older ones.

Guldruschen's Make A Statement

  Guldruschen's She's All That Needs

Serendipity Jenny Will Go On And On

Guldruschen's Sun In My Pocket

Guldruschen's Sugar In A Plum

Guldruschen's Not For Sale

Rossmix To The Moon And Back

Goldblossoms Cereza

Dasty Wild Honey

Guldruschen's Rocksteady Passion

GRCH SEU(U)CH  SV-09 Guldruschen's To Greece With Love

Guldrushen's Trendy Lady

Guldruschen's I Want It All

Guldruschen's Quest For Fame

Guldruschen's Three Times A Lady

SVCH Guldruschen's Cashmere Mist

  Venise De L'Orfillec

Guldruschen's Sweet Trouble

Guldruschen's With out Make-Up

SVCH  SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Made With Passion

riga stat tre.jpg (25134 byte) Serendipity La Grande Damme

Guldruschenīs Apricot Flash


 SEU(U)CH Goldsands Lucky Light

nellie.jpg (14051 byte) Guldruschen's Royal Dream

jenna ett.jpg (13834 byte) SU(u)CH Guldruschen's Royal Roseanne

cassie mari.jpg (13013 byte) NUCH Guldruschen's Charming Cassie

bitten web.jpg (36354 byte)   Waterloo's Fish And Ship

drutten.jpg (14520 byte) Waterloo's One Step Up

cornelia ett.jpg (17346 byte) Guldruschen's Charming Cornelia

jenny ett.jpg (27762 byte) Guldruschen's Up Side Down

jennie web.jpg (17715 byte)  SU(u)CH Never Mind Of Glen Sheallag


beata ett.jpg (15981 byte) Guldruschen's Sunshine Raggae

julia_stand.jpg (15419 byte)Guldruschen's Jiggery Pokery

millie stand tva.jpg (20189 byte)Guldruschen's That's Me

Ronja 1.jpg (11514 byte)Guldruschen's Summerain

Guldruschen's I Put A Spell On You

Guldruschen's Junya Watanabe

elin_stat_juni.jpg (20959 byte) Guldruschen's Rocksteady Love

Gooseberry's Honey-Honey

Serendipity Treasured Goddess Artemis

Guldruschen's Miss Hermione

Guldruschen's Memory Charm

Guldruschen's Famous Winter Passion