We say Big congratulations to Mr Dempsy in Belgium!!!

2012-12-01 Ger Jun & Lux CH.Guldruschen's No One Like Me   CH Endicott Caballero & Seredipity La Grande Damme ) did it again.
To the Speziale-Rassehunde-Ausstelling in Cloppenburg.
Dempsy won Champion class CAC, was BOS and RES BIS and also
VDH Champion




2012-11-18  Kortrijk 1 EX

2012-10-13 Dortmund Nationale Ausstellung (G) 1 Ex Championclass CAC and BOS!!

2012-10-12 Bundessieger 1 Ex Championclass CAC


22/9   Kreuztal  Lux & Germ. jun .CH Guldruschen's No One Like Me (DEMPSY) 1 Ex CAC

8/9 Lich 2 Ex R-CAC

1/9 Giessen 2 Ex R-CAC

19/8 Mechelen 1Ex R-CACIB

30/6 Genk 2 Ex R-CACIB

Very Well done Dempsy and Conny!!!!


We say Big Congratulations to GR.JUN.CH Mediterranean Jun W'12  Guldruschen's You Make Me Happy  in Greece!!!


2012-11-04  Greece


GR.JUN.CH  MED W'12  Guldruschen's You Make Me Happy  1 Ex CAC BOB BOG And  2 Best In Show!!!!

Very Well Done Alexia and Nuba!!!!



Dansk retriever klubb Bornholm 2012-10-13


SEU(U)CH NORD VV-11 Guldruschen's Business As Usual 1 Veteran klass CK Bästa Hane med Cert och därmed också Dansk Utställnings Champion!!!

Guldruschen's Crema Di Mascarpone EX  vinnare av unghundsklassen./Ex Winner of the young Class.


Guldruschen's Not For Sale 2 Ex  Öppenklassen CK  3 bästa tik, 2 ex in openclass with CK 3 Best Bitch.



SKK Sofiero /9-2012


Guldruschen's Trouble In Paradise Ex vinnare av öppenklassen med Ck / 1 Ex winner of the Open class.

Guldruschen's Memory Of You Ex  Vinnare av veteran klassen med Ck BIR Veteran. / Ex winner of the veteran class BOB veteran.

SKK Backamo 25/8

Guldruschen's Dream Design Ex 2 Junkk  CK / Ex 2 in Junior Class

SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Dream Maker Ex 3 I Chkk CK 3 Bästa hane./ Ex Third in Champion class 3 Best male.

SKK Gotland  INT SH 26/8-2012

Guldruschen's Crema Di Mascarpone Ex 1 JunKK/ Ex Winner of the junior class.

Guldruschen's Feel The Difference Ex 1 UKK/Ex Winner of the intermidiate class

Goldensmile Waterloo Ex 1 ÖKK CK 4 Bästa hane R-CAC / Ex Winner of the Openclass 4 Best male with R-CAC.

SEU(U)CH NORD VW-11 Guldruschen's Business As Usual  EX Vinnare av veteran klassen med CK 2 Bästa hane/ Ex Winner of the veteran class and 2 Best dog.

Guldruschen's First Class Ex 4 ÖKK / Ex 4 in Open class.



Guldruschen's Not For Sale Ex 2ÖKK CK ,2 Bästa tik med R-CAC R-CACIB ./ Ex 2 In Open class 2 Best Bitch with R-CAC and R-CACIB.




SKK Gotland 25/8


Guldruschen's Feel The Difference Ex 1 UKK/Ex Winner of the intermidiate class


SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Business As Usual 1 ex Veteran CK Bästa hane BIM , BIR Veteran. / Winner of the veteran class Best male and  BOS / BOB Veteran.

Guldruschen's First class Ex open class


Guldruschen'e Not For Sale Ex 3 ÖKK/ 3 Ex in Open class






ALL BREED SHOWS 's in Marathonland Kennel club Of Greece 

What A Hat Trick you Did MR Make Me Happy!!!  With Owner Alexia Kammenou Greece!!!

Guldruschen's You Make Me Happy  Became  GR.JUN.CH  , Mediterranean Jun W'12

And Was Three Times BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW  !!!

Noubito Did It Again!!!!




Guldruschen's Sun In My Pocket  Bästa tikvalp & BIS!!

SE(U)CH Guldruschen's Dream Maker BIS!!! Guldruschen's Not For Sale BIS-2!!!

Guldruschen's Dream Design 1 Jun 11 Hp

Guldruschen's Feel The Difference 2 Jun 11

Guldruschen's Check Me Out 1 Maiden 2 Hp  Bästa hane!

Guldruschen's Love From New York 1 Mid Limit Hp

Guldruschen's On Top Of The World 4 Mid limit Hp

SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Dream Maker 1 Open Hp Bästa hane & BIS!!!

Guldruschen's Trouble In Paradise 2 Limit Hp

SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Take A Chance Of Me 2 Open Hp 4 Bästa hane/ 4 Best Male.

SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Dream Maker 1 Open Hp Bästa hane & BIS!!! / Winner of the Open class , best male And BIS!!!

Guldruschen's Hey Ladies 2 Vetkl Hp R-Bästa hane.


Guldruschen's Sugar In A Plum 1 Jun11 Hp 4 Bästa Tik.

Guldruschen's Magical Sunset R-Jun 11

Guldruschen's Not For Sale 1 Maiden Hp Bästa tik & BIS-2!!

Dasty Wild Honey 2 Maiden Hp

Guldruschen's Cashmere Mist 3 Maiden Hp

Guldruschen's Favourite Team R-Maiden

Guldruschen's Lady Of The House 1 Mid limit Hp 3-Bästa tik!

Guldruschen's Does Your Mother Know 3 Mid Limit

Guldruschen's With Out Make-Up 1 Limit Hp 2 Bästa Tik!

Guldruschen's First Class 2 Limit Hp


BIS Uppfödargrupp!!


Bästa Smålandsfödda Golden  SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Dream Maker!!


Lux & Germ. jun .CH Guldruschen's No One Like Me (DEMPSY) went 2nd in champion class on the Belgian Retriever Clubshow

Very Well done Conny and Dempsey

18/5 World Dog Show In Salzburg

Once Again Mr Matse did Very very well !! Multi Ch Guldruschen's Winter Collection 2 Ex in Champion class  with R-CAC !!!! An entry of  34 dogs .

Lux & Germ.Jun.& Lux Champion Guldruschen’s No One Like Me
Won the intermediate class & CACA on the Clubsiegerschau Schloss Aigen
Shortlisted with the last 6 on the WDS in Salzburg
And went 2nd & RES CACA on the ÖRC_Clubschau Schloss Anif
SA successful weekend for “Dempsy”

And again a big Congratulations to Conny and Dempsey & Ilse and Matse !!!!!

And also a big Thank you to Chris De Meyer who always take so very nice photos of the doggies !!!

Well done all pf you!!!

At the Clubshow in Anif Ch. Guldruschen's Winter Collection went first excellent in veteran class!!!!

Makes me proud Tooo!!

6/5 Int show of kennel club of Greece


Guldruschen's You Make Me Happy  BOB BOG-1 Qulified For Cruft's 2013 !!!!

Super Well Done !!!

Owner Alexia Kammenou Greece Kennel Serendipity

6/5 SKK Lidköping


Guldruschens Dream Design 1 EX I Juniorklass CK 3 Bästa Hane Med Cert !!!!!!!!

SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Dream Maker 2 Ex I Championklass med CK 2 Bästa hane!!!

Stort Grattis bra jobbat kompis!!!

6/5-2012 SSRK Gotland


SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Take a Chance On Me BIM /BOS    Multi Ch Dream Max Celine Dion BIR/ BOB

5/5 Int show of kennel club of Greece

Guldruschen's You Make Me Happy BOB BOG AND BEST JUNIOR IN SHOW ALL BREEDS !!!!!

Only 12 Months old!!!!!

Fantastic very well done !!!!!

5/5 Bad Arolsen Tyskland/ Germany  Breed Special Show

To The Left  MultiCH Guldruschen's Winter Collection BOS !!! And also ....

Best Veteran In Show!!!

Very well done Ilse and Matse !!!


5/5 SSRK Gotland

Guldruschen's Take A Chance On Me BIM/BOS   Guldruschen's With Out Make-Up BIR/BOB


GRK Open Show Skara 5/5

Guldruschens Dream Design 1 jun 2 Hp 2 Bästa hane !!!

Sweet Emilio!!

SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Dream Maker 1 Open Hp R-Bästa hane / Winner of the Open class and 5 best male.

Lovely Mr Baileys!!

Multi Ch. Guldruschen's Winter Collection gained third prize in Veteran Class at Crufts!

owner Kennel No Hills

Happy Breeder to this boy!!!!

I was  very proud to show this lovely gentleman , thank you my friend!!!!


31/3-2012 Guldruschen's No One like Me winner of the intermidiate class with CACL And became LUX Jun Ch !!!!!

Once again we say Very very Well done Conny and Dempsey!!!


At the CACIB Show in Luxembourg Ch. Guldruschen's Winter Collection took the title of Luxembourg Veteran Champion!!!!!

SSRK Moheda 



29/1-2012 GRK Open Show Linköping 

SEU(U)CH Guldruschen's Dream Maker 1 Open Hp Bästa Hane och BIS!!!!!!  / Winner of the Open class Best male and BIS!!!!

Guldruschen's Hey Ladies 1 Vetkl Hp 3 Bästa hane/ Winner of the veteran class , 3 Best dog.

Stort Grattis!!! Suveränt bra  jobbat Emelie , Lasse & Rasmus!!!!



Goldblossoms Vernac 1 puppy 1 Hp Bästa tikvalp & BIS-2/ Winner of the puppy class 1 and BIS-2!!!

Stort Grattis Lotta och Sherri!!!

Guldruschen's Hey Ladies & SE(U)CH Guldruschen's Dream Maker