HD A ED 0 Ögon Ua/ Hips A ED 0  eyes OK.

DNA Testad  Normal för GR_PRA 1 /DNA Tested and Clear for GR_PRA 1.

Guess News Agent At Whoopi's INTCH FINUCH EST VCH Pauclare Phylanderer Standfast Dream Ticket From Kerrien
Pauclare Pierian
SU(u)CH Guess Money For Nothing SU(u)CH Okey's Explosive Symphony
Jamescroft Flaxen Cheri
Whoopi's Nun On The Run Stanroph Sandboy Pamgavin Nutical Son
Stanroph Solar Flame
SU(u)CH Knegarens Winnipeg

NUCH NV-90 Shanlimore Baronet

Knegarens Querida