Waterloos Hebbe Lille Waterloos Saturday Night Fever NUCH Twinkel Ideal At Waterloo
Waterloos Picadilly Circus Kegarens Shine'n Sparkel
Trisoblues Beryll
Guldruschen's Royal Roseanne Svedjebäckens Finished Fernando Melfricka Co-Driver
Guldruschens Royal Dream SSFLCH Goldmaster's Gallini
Dainty's Silent Wish

Millie valpar

Puppies by Millie


Guldruschen's My Sweet friend.

Guldruschen´s Right Here Championquality


Guldruschen`s Limited Edtition Ck/CC Quality & Guldruschen`s Irish by Heart

Guldruschen`s Yankee Doodle Dandy CK/CCquality

Guldruschen's My Sweet Friend


 Guldruschen`s Passion Of Fire owned                Guldruschen`s Conquest Of Society               

by kennel Gooseberry`s                                          severalCk/CC quality