HD A AD & Ögon UA/ Hips A Elbows and eyes ok.


Samägs med Agneta Cardell / co- owned with Agneta Cardell

Gnutten 9 år/ 9 Years old.

Inassicas Song Of Songs

Shanlimore Falcon

GBSHCH Strichley Saxon

Shanlimore Breeze

Inassicas Stephanie

NUCH Janward Dollar

Friendship Gaiety Girl Of Inassicas

SU(u)CH Dasty Human Touch

Standfast Louisburgh

GBSHCH Linchael Conspiracy Of Chevanne

GBCH Westly Ramona

Dasty You And I

Standfast Trinity

Dasty Sallybrass



 Gnutten 8 veckor

Fler kort på mig!!!!!